Marketing Services

November 27, 2018 · 1 minute read

I care.

Your problem is important to me.

You can expect focus, attention and insight deeper than Mariana Trench. And more things many people and companies lack.

If we work together I will start by understanding the task and the problem at hand. You and what you think is a good solution will be heard. I will keep your human and financial resources in mind so the solutions fits you well.

If you’re ready to take the shortest route to results - let’s talk.

Typical services:

  • Copywriting
  • Web copywriting
  • Email sequence design and writing
  • Growth hacking strategy and implementation
  • Target audience mind reading (the research is that good)
  • Crowdfunding consulting and hands on work
  • Advertising funnel design
  • Marketing automation
  • Tracking implementation for physical and digital properties
  • Viral marketing campaign planning and implementation
  • Facebook advertising
  • Marketing activity audit and improvement
  • General marketing strategy for limited budgets
  • Lead generation
  • Low budget optimization
  • Press and influencer strategy and outreach

Things I don’t do:

  • Deceptive marketing
  • Snake oil marketing
  • Anything involving false claims
  • Marketing to vulnerable audiences